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Terms of Use

Article 1 (Acceptance of Arrangement)

American Chamber of Commerce in Korea Homepage (the “Homepage”) provides the Web Service (the “Service”) on the basis of the acceptance of arrangement by American Chamber of Commerce in Korea (the “Chamber”) and a member. The Chamber may, without giving any notice in advance, update the arrangement, and a member may check out the latest version of the arrangement at any time through the page.

Article 2 (Purposes)

The purpose of this arrangement is to prescribe the matters concerning the terms and conditions as well as the procedures of accessing and using the Services of the Chamber as provided by the Chamber.

Article 3 (Obligation of Member)
  • A member shall provide complete information (“Registration Information”) in accordance with the current facts when registering for the Service.
  • A member shall update the registered information immediately if any change occurs. The Chamber may restrict or suspend a member from using the Service in accordance with Article 12 when the information provided by the member is inaccurate.
  • A member shall be assigned password and account after his/her completion of the Service registration process. A member shall be liable for his/her own password and account information. In order to secure the password and the account information, a member may notify the administrator of the website immediately if a problem including appropriation of identity occurs without any approval.
  • A member may be subject to sanctions or punishment if involved in any of the following acts:

    (a) Acts that harm others (including minority).
    (b) Posting pornographic data, text, software, music, photos, graphics, video messages, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Contents”)
    (c) Committing identity theft or having information falsely entered.
    (d) Posting or displaying contents that infringes any rights or copyrights (including intellectual property rights)
    (e) Posting unnecessary or unauthorized advertisement or promotional materials including junk mail, spam, chain letters, recommendation of pyramid organizations, etc.
    (f) Posting or displaying software viruses to destroy, interfere with, or limit the function of computer software, hardware, telecommunication, equipment, etc.
    (g) Posting or displaying materials containing other computer code, files, or programs.
    (h) Collecting or storing other personal information
    (i) Bringing disgrace on others or giving any disadvantage.
    (j) Distributing false information for the purpose of giving any property benefit or damage to others.
    (k) Committing speculative behavior or gambling.
    (l) Distributing contents procuring prostitution.
    (m) Interfering with a member’s daily life by reaching him/her with words, sounds, texts or images that cause shame, disgust, or fear.
    (n) Using other member’s information.
    (o) Committing any other act of violating the law or related Acts.

  • A member shall acknowledge the worldwide nature of the Internet and agree to comply with local regulations regarding online conduct and acceptable contents.
  • A member shall agree not to copy, reproduce, sell, resell, or use the Service itself, its use, or the access for commercial purposes.
Article 4 (Obligation of the Chamber)
  • The Chamber shall comply with laws and regulations related to the operation and maintenance of the Service such as Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization, Telecommunications Act.
  • The Chamber accepts an opinion or complaint submitted by a member if it is objectively justified. (However, the Chamber shall give notice of the reason when the processing is considered difficult)
Article 5 (Privacy Policy of the Chamber)

The Chamber treats a member’s personal information with care. The Chamber may, without giving any notice in advance, update the Privacy Policy, and a member may check out the latest version of the Privacy Policy at any time through the page.

Article 6 (General Practices on Uses and Storage)

A member shall acknowledge the capability of making general practices and restrictions on the use of the Service.

Article 7 (Link)

Links to certain websites or materials may be provided on the homepage. The Chamber shall not be liable for the contents of the site and its materials, advertisements, products, etc. unless there is a specific reason for the deliberate or gross negligence of the Center for the Chamber does not have control over such sites and materials.

Article 8 (Contents)

A member may raise questions about the accuracy, stability, or quality of the contents to the person who created them. In addition, a member shall acknowledge that he/she is not thoroughly dependent on the contents provided or created by the Chamber. The Chamber shall be exempted from liability for intentional or gross negligence in relation to the accuracy and safety of the contents. The Chamber may reclassify member-provided contents into appropriate categories.

Article 9 (Public Contents Submitted to the Chamber)

Publicly accessible service area” refers to the place where the public can have access to (e.g. community, bulletin board, etc.)

Article 10 (Disclosure of Personal Information)

The Chamber may provide a member’s personal information, such as name, e-mail address, etc., to third parties to the extent permitted by law if

  • A member is requested to provide information from an investigation agency or other government agency in violation of relevant laws in using the Service.
  • It is necessary for protection of information to check out if a member has violated any law or regulation.
  • It is required by the law or related Acts.
Article 11 (Suspension of Use and Deletion of Contents)

A member shall acknowledge that the Chamber may suspend the use of the Service or delete the content contained in the Service in the following cases. The Chamber shall give notice and opportunity for elucidation when taking measures to suspend the use of the Service. The Chamber shall withdraw the suspension if it determines your call is valid.

  • Violating, stealing, or divulging a member’s information, which is being processed, stored, or transmitted, in an unfair manner based on the information and communications network.
  • Deploying malicious programs such as Trojans and computer viruses.
  • Distributing materials including pornography or violence.
  • Other acts of violating the law or related Acts.
Article 12 (Prohibition of Infringement of Right)
  • A member shall acknowledge that the Service or any necessary software used in connection therewith contains proprietary and confidential information protected by the Chamber’s intellectual property and other laws, thus agreeing not to engage in any act that would infringe it.
  • A member shall acknowledge and agree that the information contained in the sponsorship advertisement or the information provided to a member through the Service or advertiser is protected and recognized by law, including copyright, trademark, service mark, and patent.
  • A member shall acknowledge that modifying, renting, lending, selling, distributing, or creating any or all of the work based on the Service or the software is not allowed except for the cases where it is authorized by the Chamber.
  • The Chamber grants a member a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the software’s object code on a single computer. A member or the third party shall not copy, modify, create, reverse engineer, reverse assemble or attempt to discover the source code, sell, transfer, re-license, create security rights or transfer any rights in the software. A member shall agree not to modify the software or use the software modifications to access the Service in any manner that is not authorized, or to access the Service in any manner other than through the interface provided by the Chamber.
Article 13 (Information of CI(Corporate Identity))

A member shall acknowledge not to display nor use the Chamber’s CI in any way without consent of the Chamber in advance.

Article 14 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)
  • The competent court in the place where the Chamber is located shall have jurisdiction over all disputes occurring from or in relation to the use of the Service.
  • In case of (1) above, the applicable law shall be governed by Korean law.
Article 15 (Procedures in Case of Complaints and Damages)

If a member experiences any complaints or damages during the use of the Service provided by the Center, please notify the Homepage Manager (amchamit@amchamkorea.org) by e-mail, and the Chamber will take appropriate measures as soon as possible.