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Privacy Policy

American Chamber of Commerce in Korea (the “Chamber”) shall comply with the following Privacy Policy.

The Chamber shall comply with the following Privacy Policy so as to guarantee a member’s confidentiality of personal information as well as his/her access to the homepage services (the “Services”).

In addition, the Chamber may, without giving any notice in advance, update the Privacy Policy, and a member may check out the latest version of the Privacy Policy at any time through the page.

The Chamber shall neither disclose or distribute any personal information of a member without his/her consent.

The Chamber shall neither disclose or distribute any personal information of a member which, in relation to the provision of the Services, comes to its knowledge to other persons without his consent, nor use such information for any commercial purpose: Provided that the same shall not apply to cases as prescribed by any Act.

The purpose of collecting and using a member’s information through the Services is for the followings.

The Chamber receives a member’s information in order to provide the Services when basic website operations and the Services when applying for the membership. In addition, changes to the personal information obtained through the log files or other surveys on the server shall be used to better understand users and provide better services by analyzing demographic distribution, interests, and behavior patterns of users.

The Chamber allows any member to view and modify personal information themselves.

A member is allowed to view, modify, and update his/her information at any time through the My Page.

The period of retention and disposal of personal information are as follows.

While having access to the Services the Chamber provides as a member, a member’s personal information shall be retained by the Chamber and shall be used to provide the Services. However, if a member requests to terminate the subscription and the purpose of receiving personal information, as noticed in advance, is accomplished, the collected information shall be completely deleted from the hard disk in a method that cannot be reproduced so that it cannot be viewed or accessed for any other means.

A member shall be liable for managing his/her ID and password of the Services.

The Chamber is committed to protecting a member’s personal information. However, in addition to these efforts, each individual member should properly manage his/her member ID and password in order to protect his/her personal information efficiently, and a member shall be liable hereto. The Chamber shall not be liable for any inadvertent disclosure of a member’s ID and password when the responsibility lies in the member. In addition, the Chamber may not require or inform a member’s password via phone or e-mail in any case. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that a member may use his/her own ID and password and change it frequently. The Chamber may make every effort to protect a member’s personal information but shall not be liable for any personal mistakes or risks arising from basic internet risks.

The Chamber shall, in accordance with this arrangement, make efforts to better the Services so as to protect the privacy of a member. In order to secure the legitimacy of personal information and to protect the rights of a member and the Chamber, so as to properly execute public affairs, the Chamber has designated and operated the personal information manager as following:

Contact Information of Homepage Manager
ㆍTel : 02-6201-2212
ㆍE-mail : amchamit@amchamkorea.org