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Advocating for a Fair and Balanced Business Environment in Korea.
As a trusted partner of both the U.S. and Korean governments, AMCHAM Korea places the highest priority on helping members resolve business issues and effectively delivers the collective voice of industry stakeholders through position papers, meetings, and seminars.

AMCHAM’s Advocacy Services

  • ㆍMeetings with U.S. Government and Washington Doorknock Delegation

    AMCHAM members have the opportunity to interact regularly with U.S. Embassy and visiting U.S. Government and Congressional delegations from Washington. We regularly host many key U.S. government officials from various departments including State, Commerce, Justice, Homeland Security, USTR and others throughout the year.

    Every year, an AMCHAM delegation visits Washington D.C. to meet with key officials and policy makers in the U.S. Administration and Congress, highlights the importance of the U.S.-Korea economic partnership and share issues in bilateral trade and investment.

  • ㆍMeetings with Korean Government and AMCHAM Business Roundtables

    AMCHAM members frequently engage with high-level Korean government representatives through public seminars and closed-door roundtable meetings. The AMCHAM Government & Corporate Affairs Team works closely with the Korean government throughout the year to proactively advocate for priority issues that affect our member companies in Korea.

    Consisting of high-level meetings between the Korean Government and the AMCHAM Board of Governors and premium members, the AMCHAM Business Roundtable series serves as a central channel to highlight issues and deliver suggestions for improving the business environment in Korea.

  • ㆍPosition Papers and Policy Statements

    In cooperation with AMCHAM’s 31 industry committees, AMCHAM regularly drafts and submits position papers and policy statements to the U.S. and Korean Governments a key tool to deliver the opinions and concerns of industry stakeholders.

    In 2018, AMCHAM submitted 20+ position papers to the Korean Government including the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Financial Services Commission, the Minister of Environment, and others.

  • ㆍKORUS FTA Implementation Scorecard

    The KORUS FTA Implementation Scorecard provides a comprehensive and definitive account of the status of KORUS FTA-related implementation issues faced by our member companies, reflecting the input of the complete spectrum of U.S. industries doing business in Korea.

    First published in March 2019, the KORUS FTA Implementation Scorecard published annually and delivered to policy makers in both governments.