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Membership Application

AMCHAM Korea Online Membership Application Form
Membership Type

Company Member
(US Company)

Special Company Member
(Non-US Company)

Company Associate Member
Special Member Non Resident Member Individual Member
Young Professional Member
Personal Details
First Name  Last Name  Middle Initial 
Job Title Date of Birth 
Cell phone Citizenship
E-mail Secretary's Email
Company Details
US Company US fortune 500 Non-US Foreign Company Korean Company
Company Name
Central Tel Central Fax
Central e-mail Website
No. of Employees  No. of Expatriates 
Business Presence in Korea
Branch Office Liaison Office 100% Foreign Owned Subsidiary
100% Korean Owned Firm  Joint Venture,   JV Partner: 
Non-profit Organization Others

Company Introduction

(200 words or less, this will appear in the directory)
Please enter your four digit industry classification codes (refer to the list: click here)
Primary  Secondary  Other 
Head Office Details
Company Name
Country State City
Membership Dues and Committees
Dues Calculation
Dues for Corporate Special Partnership W15,000,000

Dues for Corporate membership

Dues Schedule 
SME Rate: Global Revenue below USD10 million
Global Revenue between USD10 million ~ USD5 billion
Global Revenue above USD5 billion, or Local Revenue exceeding KRW50 billion, or Number of Local Employee exceeding 50 (1 Company Member)
Global Revenue above USD5 billion, or Local Revenue exceeding KRW50 billion, or Number of Local Employee exceeding 50 (1 Company Member plus 3 Company Associate Members)
* Original Company Associate Membership Annual Dues: KRW453,000 per person
If you are not joining as a Company or Special Company Member, please select the dues below:  

Entrance Fee - each Company or Individual member shall pay one time fee KRW150,000
* The Chamber prorates annual membership dues for new members for the portion of the calendar year left

Please indicate any Committees that you wish to join. By checking any of the boxes below, you will be notified of upcoming meetings of those Committees. Committee membership carries no fee or obligation.
* CFO Committee: Finance Senior Managers/Executives are eligible to join the committee
* Foreign Professionals Committee: Foreign nationals are eligible to join the committee
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