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Membership Types

Corporate Membership
icoCompany Membership
(U.S. Companies)
Partnerships, associations and sole proprietorships that are established in or have a relationship with Korea, and that are either American-owned or American-controlled firms, or other companies whose principal business activity is, in the opinion of the Chamber, representing American firms organized and existing under the laws of the United States or its possessions.
Annual dues : Calculated based on *company's global revenue
icoSpecial Company Membership
(Non-U.S. Companies)
Companies or organizations that do not qualify for Company Membership under the terms above, but whose membership, in the opinion of the Chamber, would be mutually beneficial, can be Special Company Members. Such members receive all rights and privileges of Company Members except the right to hold office and vote. Annual dues are the same as for Company Members, but the initial fee is waived.
Annual dues : Calculated based on *company's global revenue
icoCompany Associate Membership Any individual whose firm has a Company, Special Company or Special Membership
Annual dues : KRW453,000
  * Company's Global Revenue AMCHAM Membership Annual Dues
  Special Rate for Small and Medium Size Enterprise: Global revenue below USD10 million KRW875,000
  Global revenue between USD10 million ~
USD5 billion
  Global revenue above USD5billion,
or local revenue exceeding KRW50 billion,
or number of local employee exceeding 50
KRW3,090,000 (1 Company Member)
KRW4,120,000 (1 Company Member plus
                          3 Company Associate Members)

Individual Membership
icoIndividual Membership Any U.S. citizen residing in Korea who is or has been engaged as an individual in business or a profession is qualified to apply for Individual Membership. However, a U.S. citizen employed by a firm eligible for membership may not apply for Individual Membership.
Annual dues : KRW648,000
icoYoung Professional Membership Young Professional Members shall be business people whose companies elect not to join but are interested in participating in Chamber activities. This category of membership is not eligible for voting rights, holding office or using the AMCHAM Visa Referral Program. Only those who are 35 or under are eligible.
Annual dues : KRW453,000
Other Types of Membership
icoHonorary Membership Honorary Members are entitled to all membership privileges except the right to hold office and vote, and they are exempt from the payment of membership dues. Such membership will cease upon the member’s departure from Korea, unless it is continued through a resolution by the Chamber’s Board of Governors.
icoSpecial Membership Any U.S. citizen or organization engaged in charitable, educational, governmental, cultural, fraternal or religious activities that are non-profit.
Annual dues : Non-profit - KRW453,000
Embassies and Trade Offices - KRW 679,000
icoNon-Resident Membership Legal entities, associations, sole proprietorships or individuals who would otherwise be qualified for Company or Individual Memberships, but are not residing in Korea, are qualified to apply for Non-Resident Membership.
Annual dues : USD567
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