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Event Agreement (required)

AMCHAM values the protection and privacy of the applicant’s personal information in accordance with the related law, the Personal Information Protection Act. I. The use of personal information will be limited to provision of information related to the event and for the verification process. 1. Information to be collected and usage Mandatory information: Name, Cell phone, Company Name, Position, E-mail (Social security number, passport number, Foreigner registration card, car license number is also required when entering government facilities) Optional information: E-mail address 2 Method of collection: webpage(rsvp), On-site registration 2. Purpose of collection Information collected from the event will be used for following purposes: i)Attendance of the event and verification process ii)Statistics of the attendees iii)Provision of event information through email or SMS iv)Marketing and promotional use - Deliver promotional information regarding new services and events II. With the information given, AMCHAM shall provide marketing information such as newsletters, event reminder etc. 1. Collection and Utilization Provided to: AMCHAM Korea Provided Information: Name, Cell phone number, Company Name, Position, E-mail Purpose of Use: E-mails for firm newsletters and marketing, Direct Marketing, Promotional letters Period of Use: 1 year - Your personal information that you have submitted will be kept and used in a safe manner until retaining of information is completed. All personal and private information will be kept confidential and will be used in utmost secure manner until the information and consent is withdrawn. 2. Correcting and deleting personal information Those who agreed on consent form have the right to read, correct and withdraw even the information has been already given. if one wishes not to receive any of the promotional information henceforth or now wishes to agree may contact amchamrsvp@amchamkorea.org.