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[Webinar] COVID-19 Impact on Workforces: Paradigm Shift & Shared Experience


April 14, 2020 - The American Chamber of Commerce in Korea (AMCHAM) hosted a webinar on April 14 with the theme “COVID-19 Impact on Workforces: Paradigm Shift & Shared Experiences.” The guest speakers were Eun-Mi Chae from FedEx Express, Dawn M. Stark from Seoul Foreign School and Christina Ahn from Stanton Chase Korea.


About the Speaker

Eun-Mi Chae, Managing Director, FedEx Express

Eun-Mi Chae is Managing Director of FedEx Korea. She oversees all of the company’s operations in Korea, a fast-growing market for express shipping and logistics service, and executes the overall strategies.

Chae has more than 25 years of experience in working in express shipping and airlines. Prior to joining FedEx, she worked for Korean Air and Flying Tigers, where at the age of 28 she became the youngest division manager in Korea’s airline industry.


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Dawn M. Stark, Assistant Head of School, Seoul Foreign School

Dawn M. Stark a is a senior development professional with more than 15 years of experience. She is a Certified Fundraising Executive of which there are now eight in Korea. Currently, she serves as Assistant Head of School, External Relations for Seoul Foreign School. This is a newly created position for the school to strategically move the mission forward by securing resources, connecting Alumni, and communicating the impact of the 108 year legacy.

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Christina Ahn, Managing Partner, Stanton Chase Korea

Christina Ahn is the Managing Partner of the Leadership Assessment and Consulting practice at Stanton Chase Korea. As a certified expert in various leadership assessment methodologies, Christina assists organizations with assessment, development, and coaching for senior leaders and organizations. In addition, Christina is the lead partner in driving Diversity & Inclusion initiatives in the Seoul office, providing clients with expertise and guidance on how to link business results with D&I initiatives through strategic talent selection and management.

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Webinar Brief

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a paradigm shift in the workplace and introduced us to a new way of life. Review our free webinar on the topic, “COVID-19 Impact on Workforces: Paradigm Shift & Shared Experience” with guest speakers Eun-Mi Chae, Managing Director of FedEx Express, Dawn M. Stark, Assistant Head of School of Seoul Foreign School, and Christina Ahn, Managing Partner of Stanton Chase Korea. As top executives of global companies, they will share their expertise on supporting the workforces in times of uncertainty.

1. C-Level Executive Survey & Interview Results

In this section, the webinar covered key managerial decision surveys and C-Level executives’ opinions about the impact of COVID-19. Few questions include:


- How has WFH (Work from home) evolved for your company in the past few months?

- Key challenges of WFH based on your observations 

- Is long-term WFH feasible in Korea, why or why not?

- Other long-term implications of WFH?

- What are your thoughts on the long-term implications of WFH in Korea?



2. 4.14 Webinar Live Poll Results

?In this section, the webinar conducted a live poll with a participation rate of 50%, assessing the merits and drawbacks of WFH based on the 4 themes which follow as:


- WFH Prevalence & Productivity

- Advantages & Disadvantages

- Satisfaction, Teamwork & Trust

- WFH Impact on Working Women



3. Emerging WFH Themes

In this section, various themes and concerning variables were brought up and discussed to better reveal the true consequences of long term WFH regarding managerial trust.



4. WFH Impact on Working Women

In this section, the speakers summarized the various impact WFH can have on women workforce and the negativity of responsibility falling on women.



5. Key Implications for the Future of Work

This section concludes the WFH impact from COVID-19 and at the same time, emphasizes the change in variables for a workforce paradigm shift. A few examples include:


- Digital Transformation

- Societal and Cultural Shift

- Generational Differences

- Company Culture Even More Critical

- More Empowerment of Employees

Full Details

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