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[TV Interview] Arirang TV_ISSUES & INSIDERS




Min Sun-hee, Arirang TV - Welcome to Issues and Insiders. Today I have the pleasure of hosting the head of the largest foreign chamber here in Korea the American Chamber of Commerce James Kim. Mr. Kim it's a pleasure to have you here.


1) Mr. Kim, I believe you were part of the business delegation to the U.S. during President Yoon Suk Yeol's state visit there. That being said, let's begin with your assessment of the economic advancements made during the latest summit?


2) AMCHAM also marks its 70th anniversary this year. Do walk us through your entity's journey over the years taking into account the Seoul-Washington alliance.


3-1) Mr. Kim, what would you say is the gist of the Biden administration's economic policy?


3-2) And keeping in mind the objective of the U.S. economic policy, what role is the American Chamber of Commerce here in Korea undertaking, as we speak?


4) Mr. Kim, during his state visit to the U.S., President Yoon called on American businesses to invest in Korea. What would you say are the merits of investing in Korea?


5-1) Mr. Kim, as part of efforts to enhance the business environment here, what are some of the requests by American firms here?


5-2) And what are some of the prerequisites for Korean firms seeking to enter the American market?


6) Mr. Kim, the term "friend-shoring" has been quite frequent in the media in recent days. Do tell us a bit about the U.S. strategy in terms of friend-shoring, and what are its broader implications for Seoul-Washington ties on the economic front?


7) Mr. Kim, corporate concerns here in Korea remain over the Biden administration's industrial policies including the Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS Act. What does your entity hope to do to better address these concerns?


8) Mr. Kim, what are your prospects regarding economic ventures by Korean companies amid the rampant geopolitical uncertainties?


9) And Mr. Kim, what are the prospects of Korea emerging as the business hub of the Indo-Pacific region? I mean, what merits does it hold, and who do you believe is its biggest rival?


10) Mr. Kim, you're entering your 7th year as head of the U.S. business chamber here. What are some of your entity's future plans?


All right.


Source: https://www.arirang.com/news/view?id=253398