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Aerospace & Defense

1) Committee's Mission Statement

The purpose of the Aerospace and Defense committee is to promote closer association among US aerospace and defense industries which are resident or represented in Korea.


The Committee facilitates the exchange of information concerning the Korean market among US aerospace and defense industries and provides a means to focus AMCHAM attention on the continued awareness and representation of aerospace and defense-related issues.

During our regular meetings, guests from the Embassy Country team and invited guest share items of interests to our A&D members, usually around 25 personnel both US and Korean. The Aerospace and Defense Committee's yearly plan is to meet as needed to discuss pertinent issues related to the Aerospace and Defense industry with the goal of facilitating a better business environment for its members. The year will begin with asking members on issues that the A&D Committee might be able to assist.

2) Activities in Support of the Mission

1Q: Host a discussion with a guest speaker (ROK/US Defense academic guest)

2Q: Host a discussion with a guest speaker from ROK National Assembly Defense Committee member etc.

3Q: Host a discussion with a guest speaker from US DoD.

4Q: Joint meeting with JUSMAG-K (host a US Defense Official or CoDel)



Dong C. Ha - Northrop Grumman Korea YCH (02-2141-3601)

Youngje Kim - GE Korea (02-6201-4550)

Robert Laing - Lockheed Martin Global, Inc. - Korea (02-2012-6200)