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Administration is responsible for dealing with the overall internal operation of the AMCHAM Korea office.

- Manages the internal operation of AMCHAM Korea to ensure that its employees maintain the highest efficiency.
- Directs management of all the resources: personnel, finance, office and residential general admin, supplies and equipment for the Chamber within an annual budget and provides various administrative and logistics services at the reception desk.


Executive Director: Ms. Boyoung Kim / Finance Sr.Manager: Ms. Sunghee Han /
IT & Operations: Ms. Soonjae Won / General Service & Back Office: Ms. Jooran Oh /
Customer Relations & Events: Ms. Shinwoo Lee

ico Government Affairs

The Government Affairs/Public Relations Department is in charge of building the public image of AMCHAM and our member companies. It contains two separate divisions; Government and Public Relations, both of which serve to further heighten AMCHAM's role as the bridge between the Korean and U.S. Governments and our member companies.

Government Affairs: The Department maintains a close relationship with both the Korean and U.S. governments and exchanges opinions on policy issues in order to enhance the business environment in Korea. It also coordinates and participates in various seminars and meetings with government and quasi-government organizations in both countries.

Public Relations: The Department plays a fundamental role in promoting the Chamber's and our members' public image and positions to the press corps and general public.

[Contact] Mr. Jason Dongseuk Lee, Government Affairs/PR Manager and Team leader

ico Communications/PR

The Communications Department is responsible for promoting awareness of the activities of the Chamber and our members through effective communication of our mission and work to media and general public in Korea. Key functions include developing publicity plans for major events, coordinating interviews, drafting and distributing press releases/speeches, and managing the media database. The Department is also responsible for managing the production of all AMCHAM publications, as well as producing and publishing content for the organization's website and social media. AMCHAM publications include the Journal, an issues-oriented, quarterly magazine; the annual Membership Directory; and other publications on a project basis. Interns in this department are asked to research and present findings on current issues related to international business as well as contribute ideas and editorial support to AMCHAM publications.

[Contact] Ms. NaHyun Kim, Communications Supervisor 


The Marketing Department is the revenue-generating engine of AMCHAM and is responsible for coordinating all AMCHAM meetings and events. AMCHAM's main functions include meetings such as monthly General Membership Meetings (GMMs), industry-specific Committee Meetings and annual industry seminars. In addition, the department organizes a number of social events throughout the year, including Networking Night, the annual Inaugural Ball, Labor Day Picnic and Holiday Open House. Specific tasks include promoting member companies through AMCHAM publications and using various marketing strategies to market sponsors’ brand and product to the business community.

[Contact] Mr. Hyonwoo Yoon, Marketing Manager


Membership department’s mission is to recruit and retain membership. The department provides information to those who have queries on AMCHAM membership and it proactively communicates with members to ensure they benefit from joining AMCHAM.

In addition, the department is responsible for managing membership database including new member application, membership transfer/termination, membership information update, and any other membership related tasks.

[Contact] Ms. Inha Cho, Membership Supervisor


Partners for the Future Foundation, the charity arm of AMCHAM, administers various programs to support unemployed families in Korea. It provides scholarships for university students and medical expense for Korean youth from unemployed families and supports limited vocational training programs for the unemployed in dire financial need. It also organizes and carries out various fundraising and CSR events, such as CEO Servers' Night, Innovation Camp and Service Day.

[Contact] Ms. Sung Hee Hong, Foundation Director


The Strategy & Planning department is responsible for planning and developing AMCHAM's strategy and programs. This would include monitoring service & programs of AMCHAM, other Chambers and organizations, and working with relevant AMCHAM stakeholders to plan and execute services & programs to enhance the AMCHAM brand. In addition, the department is in charge of coordinating some of well-established business events such as Air Show Reception and Human Resources Workshop as well as identifying new service & programs that would be of keen interest to AMCHAM members.

[Contact] Ms. Hojin Chung, Strategy/Planning Manager
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