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President’s Message

Welcome to AMCHAM Korea's website!

Our goal at AMCHAM is to guide our member companies, interested parties, and the Korean and American governments toward mutually beneficial relationships which generate productive and profitable returns to your organization. South Korea is physically and economically a central hub for the East Asian trade region and is ranked the 11th largest economy in the world. Rising from poverty in the 1960's, South Korea today is one of the world leaders in trade and technological development. Each year, Korea attracts over 10,000 new foreign companies to participate in its vibrant market. Year 2015 alone saw the highest level of foreign direct investment into Korea at $20.43 billion.

AMCHAM aims to act as a key facilitator for dialogue among Korean industries, experts, and government representatives. In addition to holding ongoing talks with key U.S. and Korean policy makers, AMCHAM member companies meet regularly with key members and influencers in the U.S. congress, U.S. Departments of Commerce, State and other federal executive departments and Korean regulatory and Ministry Representatives to reiterate the benefits of strong U.S.-Korean trade. In 2015, AMCHAM focused on providing member feedback to relevant Korean and American agencies and individuals on the continued implementation of KORUS FTA as well as advocating business and regulatory concerns to the government institutions in both countries. Furthermore, AMCHAM hosts numerous events, seminars, and educational opportunities for CEOs, government policy makers, and think tanks to support the economic growth of our member companies and Korea.

As the newly elected president of AMCHAM Korea, I invite you to join our active organization and network with the leading companies of Korea and the USA to continue to make Korea an attractive and profitable place to do business. Thank you.


John Schuldt

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