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  • Governor

    Bill Miner

    Chairman - Chevron Korea
    Director for GS Caltex

Miner has served as Chairman of Chevron Korea since February 2014. Chevron is one of the largest foreign investors in Korea through their 50% shareholding of affiliate GS Caltex. This is a relationship that Chevron has enjoyed for 50 years. Miner is also resident director on the board of GS Caltex Corporation.


Before this position, Miner was General Manager of Chevron Corporate Strategic Planning. Miner had responsibility for managing strategic and business planning for Chevron Corporation. This included conducting the monthly executive business performance review, Management Committee and executive support for the Chevron Board of Directors. In addition, he was responsible for the business planning process of the corporation as well as investment analysis for large capital projects. 


He earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University in 1980 and joined Chevron after graduating. 


Over the span of his 36 years with Chevron, he has worked as an engineer and coordinated operations in refineries, managed logistics into and out of one of the largest refineries on the U.S. west coast, traded oil futures and directed a crude oil hedging program, coordinated Chevron’s west coast U.S. refining and marketing businesses, supported merger negotiations and IPO development in southeast Asia and led fuels marketing strategy for Chevron, Texaco and Caltex brands around the world.


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